It’s been a while since I have posted something on my blog. To be frank, some professional events happened in the last months in my life: I have moved to Mumbai !!! But now I am back ! And I would like to start my “revival” with a special post dedicated to my close friend and fashion designer Safu and her new fashion line. Apart from … Continue reading Disciple


…where the asparagus grows

The classic black womens leggings can be seen as a must-have of the last years. They cannot be found any longer at the gym or while doing workout outside but basically everywhere and to every outfit. Leggings might be perfect for anything and everything, even though they are not perfect for EVERYONE 😉 I personally was fighting with “inner me” quite a long time before I started … Continue reading …where the asparagus grows



Cold days have finally arrived, there’s no denying it. I must confess that my body was a bit confused during my last weeks in India: it was already November but still really warm. At some point I was missing the change of weather and temperature. Nature is changing. Leaves are changing their colors, falling from the trees. You feel much more that time is passing. But that … Continue reading Sweetie


I came, I saw, I bought

“Less is more. Don’t overdo your outfit.” – This is so true, and as you all know, one of my fashion rules. But I also follow two other rules: “Set a highlight” and “Be individual and brave”. The outfit I am wearing for that shoot, I combines all three rules 🙂 I keep the whole outfit tone in tone: simple black from head to ankles. I love my black hat … Continue reading I came, I saw, I bought